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Here Is How Your Course Works

Each segment of your course covers 1 week of recommended practices. These tips and activities are science-backed and evidence-based – they work. We suggest you read through a module the day before you are going to begin your week of taking action. This can help you develop a game plan that improves your odds of success and boosts your results.

At the end of each module, we will give you a game plan for the upcoming 7 days. These will be titled “Action Steps” for that week. It includes a summary of what you have just learned, as well as activities you need to engage in over the next week. Incidentally, you can change up the order of your weeks if you like. Work the program whatever way makes the most sense for you and your schedule.

However, we have sifted through mounds of research and proven methods of diabetes prevention and treatments to create this specific schedule for the next few weeks. It begins with discussing lifestyle changes that provide a healthy platform for the entire course. In the section you are reading now, every module in the program is discussed. Then they are covered more intensively in the following weeks.

Let’s start your 7 week diabetes wellness path with an introduction to diabetes. This covers exactly what this health condition is and how many people are at risk. You will see why it continues to become more of a problem in our modern societies, and what you can do to reduce (or entirely avoid) its impact on your life.