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What If I Hate Exercise?

Some kids hate eating vegetables. They especially despise things like peas, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Parents that don’t get their children to eat fresh vegetables regularly watch their children pay the health price as adults. Some adults refuse to eat vegetables unless they are dipped in egg batter, coated in an unhealthy white flour-based fry mix, deep-fried, salted heavily and dipped in ranch dressing!

Those vegetables are far from healthy.

When you eat very few fresh fruits and vegetables, minimally prepared and processed (and rawwhenever you can), your health is going to suffer. This means as a responsible adult you need to be eating foods that maybe aren’t your favorites if you want to prevent or treat diabetes. The same is true with exercise.

Which one of these scenarios sounds better to you?

  • Scenario #1 – You live a long and fulfilling life, with very little or no significant diseases and illness. You live well into your 80s or 90s, and your mental and physical health is outstanding for your age. You live longer than the average lifespan of roughly 75 to 80 years.

You don’t encounter the years or even decades of medical doctors, prescribed medications, physical and emotional pain and significant medical bills that many unhealthy people have to deal with. You have a long life filled with wonderful memories that were only possible because you did the things necessary to make your mental and physical health a priority.

  • Scenario #2 – You begin to start packing on the excess fat and extra pounds in your teens or20s. Maybe you are lucky enough to stay relatively slim and trim until your 30s. By the time you turn 35 or 40, you and your doctor are well acquainted. You are on a number of medications to treat a multitude of health problems and side-effects before you reach 50.

Your mobility, balance, mental functions, physical strength and motor skills are those of someone 20 or 30 years older than your age. You can count on the last 20 years of your life to be very low quality. You just never feel good. You hate looking in the mirror because you don’t even recognize the sick, unhealthy person that is staring back at you. A heart attack or stroke, heart disease or preventable cancer, diabetes or some other preventable health condition claims your life 15 or 20 years prematurely.

Obviously, that first scenario is the one you will choose every time. No one wants to live a scenario #2 kind of life.

Be that first person by scheduling regular physical activity. This could mean joining a gym or health club. Just bear in mind the possible disease and infections you can encounter. Unclean fitness equipment used by hundreds of people can make you sick. So can a single individual walking into a gym and breathing while he or she has a cold or flu.

Gyms can be intimidating. Everyone looks so fit and you feel out of place. The members and even the staff may make you feel uncomfortable. Then there is the financial cost to consider. In many ways, the traditional approach to exercise can be unappealing

Instead of looking at exercise as weightlifting, running marathons and doing hours of push-ups or sit-ups, focus on nontraditional exercises. Focus on being physically active.

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