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Can’t Find the Time to Exercise? Get Physically Active during Commercials

People watch too much TV for their own good. The Nielsen polling company reported in 2009 that children between ages of 2 and 5 watched television for an unhealthy 32 hours each week. That same study revealed that kids between 8 and 18 watched more than 4.5 hours of TV every single day. Did you know the average adult in the United States watches 5 hours and 4 minutes hours of TV every day?

This is proof that if you want to prevent, treat or reverse diabetes in your family, you have plenty of free time to do so.

If you absolutely must watch your favorite reality shows and other programs, exercise during commercial breaks. You can even perform aerobic physical activities or strength train while you are watching the main program.

Minimizing the impact of diabetes on your family is all about making choices. What does watching television really do for you? Compare that to the many benefits of regular exercise and you will probably agree that there is plenty of time every day and each week to stay physically active. Limiting the amount of time your children are staring at a screen or monitor means building good habits early on.