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Bodyweight Strength Training Tips and Recommendations

Any time you lift, push or move a weight that strains your muscles, you are strength training. Yes, this means that lifting heavy bags of groceries from your vehicle and carrying them to your home is a form of strength training. You could also go the traditional route. Buy some barbells and dumbbells and perform curls, presses, squats and other weightlifting exercises.

Bodyweight exercise is a form of strength training that doesn’t involve buying and lifting heavy weights.

Bodyweight training is very well named. You use the weight of your body as your fitness equipment! Even if you don’t weigh very much, there are movements you can make that use a combination of gravity, resistance and your body weight to deliver strength training benefits.

Here are a few simple bodyweight exercises you can do just about anywhere. You don’t have to buy any fitness equipment, and since these diabetes busting strength training moves only take a few minutes, you don’t have any excuses not to try them.

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