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Diabetes Care Solution is an online platform that connects
Americans who have diabetes to Health Professionals

What's included in the Free Diabetic Start-Up Kit:

1 Blood Glucose Meter

Results in 4 seconds. Requires tiny 0.4 µL sample size.

10 Single-Use STERILE Lancets

Universal design that is compatible with most lancing devices.

1 Blood Glucose Owner's Manual

Clear instructions for using the meter.

10 Blood Glucose Test Strips

Accurate test strips that support redosing.

1 Lancet Device

Five depth settings for maximum comfort.

1 Self-Test Log Book

It's a perfect logbook to understand the results.

How Many Times Per Day Do You Test?

  • Choose the right plan for you
  • Billed item ship every 3 months
  • You can pause or change plans anytime


Test 1x a Day
  • $24/Quarter
  • Test Strips: 100
  • Get all the supplies in our starter box for FREE.


Test 2x a Day
  • $36/Quarter
  • Test Strips: 200
  • Get all the supplies in our starter box for FREE.


Test 3x a Day
  • $48/Quarter
  • Test Strips: 300
  • Get all the supplies in our starter box for FREE.
Smart Saver

Want to test more than 3x a day?

  • We know diabetes isn't one-size-fits-all. View all plans to find what's best for you.

What do I get with my membership?

No Prescriptions or Insurance Required

Prescription Assistance Program

Free Meter and Shipping

Free Membership to Wellness Resource Network

Linkage to Care

Access to our Loyalty Program

We check all the boxes
Get peace of mind, plus these great benefits:



Wholesale Prices
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Flexibility to
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Diabetes Care Solution


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