For just over $2/day... About the cost
of your morning coffee!

Our Diabetes Coaching help
your health team provide you with the
best diabetic care in less time.

Your health team can help you with managing your diabetes remotely--from anywhere!
Get everything you need, right out of the box we ship to your door.
Our software system quickly and accurately records and shares your diabetes data with the people you select.
diabetes coaching online

Traditional wellness programs are not reducing your health care costs.

Diabetes healthcare costs continue to rise. Traditional wellness programs address the symptoms but not the root causes. Our proactive solutions tackle these concerns to help you get and stay healthier. This reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, plus it means real cost savings. That results in less stress for you and your wallet!

You can engage in live coaching to supplement our digital program. Our coaches help guide you in selecting programs and products that match your needs and interests.

Restore your vitality and life interests each month by talking with one of our health coaches who has diabetic care experience and knowledge.

  • You’ll converse about the successes and setbacks you encounter with managing diabetes.
  • Your coach listens actively, giving you the personalized support that means so much.
  • You’ll get tips for taking steps that lead to success.
Remember, your coach is invested in your health and well-being!
diabetes coaching programs

What’s in Your «Box»?

Healthy Lifestyle Kit 1
exercise band
Super Exercise Band 2
protein shaker bottle
Water bottle and Protein shaker 3
measuring tape
Measuring Tape 4
heart rate monitor watch
Fitness band 5
heart rate monitor
Bluetooth Integrated Scale 6
record heart rate
Innotech Digital Scale 7
blood glucose test
A Guide 8

Why our program participants are successful:

Plus, it’s actually quite fun!
Who works with you.
Real relationships with real people.
Meeting you where you’re at.
Specially tailored for every member.
With Low Carb USA &
Dr. Ben’s SMarT Philosophy
  • Access to our Preview Course:
    Today’s Plagues of Prosperity.
  • Some helpful downloads to get you started.
  • Admittance to all Insulin-Smart Living Webinars. Join Insulin IQ team members on various health topics.
  • Weekly emails with remainders and convenient links to our public events.
  • Unlimited Group Coaching Sessions – Attend as many 50 minute Zoom coaching sessions each week as you would like. Pick and choose times and coaches (see current schedule below).
  • IQ Hangouts – Participate in stimulating conversations and Q&A with Dr. Bikman, the IIQ team, and special guests.
  • Live Coach Chat Support (currently Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, US Mountain Time).
  • Diet Doctor Plus Account including world-class menu planing & shopping app (a $9.99/month value.
Private Coaching
  • Your Weekly, 30-minute individual Zoom coaching session will include one-on-one custom planning, data monitoring, goal setting and personalised accountability.
  • Also includes every item listed under “Group Coaching”, including attendance privileges in any group coaching session if desired.
  • The Insulin IQ App syncs with the scale and meter (from our starter box) to upload data to your coach’s dashboard.
Private Coaching for 2
  • Add a significant other, spouse, friend or coworker to your private coaching sessions for an additional $60 per month.
  • Each participant will have their now account (the only thing shared is the private session time).
  • If you order the starter box, you’ll both use the biometric scale and meter for uploads to your coach.
  • No contract, cancel anytime.