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Have you ever tried to order diabetes testing supplies through your insurance and had the process take weeks or months? Have you ever had to pay high co-payments or deductibles? Has your insurance forced you to see a doctor or refused to pay for as many test strips as you need or want?

After years in the diabetes industry, I’ve heard these complaints from people over and over again. That’s why I started Diabetes Care Solution.

At Diabetes Care Solution we believe in providing our customers with the most convenient, cost effective way to test their blood sugar. We believe in being the best at what we do and providing excellent customer service.

You don’t have to pay a lot for quality diabetes testing supplies. The FDA ensures all meters meet the same accuracy standard. Your doctor, insurance, or pharmacist recommends the big brands primarily because those companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising.

Sign up for Diabetes Care Solution and start saving money on quality diabetes testing supplies today. There’s a 100% money back guarantee so you truly have nothing to lose. Quality supplies are just a few clicks and a few days away from arriving at your door.

We hope you enjoy your supplies and look forward to serving you!

Read some testimonials from our clients
Riley Carter
12 October 2018

I have adult onset diabetes and I have no insurance, so it was going to cost me an enormous amount of money for testing suplies. I was so thankful I found Diabetes Care Solution online because for 15 dollars a month I get my supplies mailed right to my door. And I think you should advertise on TV also because there are sure enough testing supply commercials for "insured" individuals. I tell anyone I can think of about Diabetes Care Solution. Thank You again

Lily Fisher
17 October 2018

The Supplies are top quality and at great prices. AND THE BEST PART IS THE SERVICE! I posted questions on FaceBook and they replied immediately. I asked about my order and got a call the very next morning. These guys are great at the dying art of customer service!

Alfred Simmmons
11 October 2018

Fantastic customer service!! And a really great product will save me hundreds of dollars a year. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Bill Perez
19 October 2018

Just broke open the new meter that came with my first order. I love it - it seems to be more substantial than any I've ever used, and I'm a 30 year diabetes sufferer. So happy to have found this affordable solution - my health insurance was forcing me to use a much more costly meter and strips. Thanks Diabetes Care Solution! :)

James Thompson
21 October 2018

I helped my mother in law set up her Diabetes Care Solution meter and strip subscription today! Ben was very kind and made the process so easy! The meter itself is very user friendly. And you can't beat the price! Her monthly subscription is a fraction of her copay at a retail pharmacy with insurance. I am very pleased!

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